If you are having problems using 10-10-710 click HERE

How do I sign up?
You do not need to sign up! Simply dial 10-10-710 before the long distance number that you are dialing and enjoy the great savings! No setup, no sign-up charges!

Why isn't 10-10-710 working?
Please make sure that you do not pause after dialing 10-10-710. Also, 10-10-710 is not available from cellular phones or pay phones.

If you encounter difficulty connecting to a specific destination, please call customer service at 10-10-710-00 where one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

My Telephone company has just converted my line to their new Fibre service. Will 10-10-710 still work?
Yes! The fibre service does not change your long distance access. Your provider has simply replaced the traditional copper with a fibre optic cable. Your can continue to use the 10-10-710 service. According to telecommunication experts, the fibre technology is more reliable, more durable and offers faster speed for internet.

I am thinking of switching providers to my cable company. They have IP technology. If I switch, will 10-10-710 still work?
Yes! We have agreements in specified territories with the cable providers Videotron, Cogeco, Shaw, EastLink and Rogers. The Cable Telephone service is comprised of a network of fibre optics and coaxial cables.

When trying to make a call, I get a weird sound like an alarm, or a siren, and it doesn't work. What does this means?
It normally means that during dialing you may have made a slight pause between the digits. Please make sure you do not hesitate or make any pauses when you dial your numbers. Do not wait for a dial tone after dialing 10-10-710. Dial as you normally would, the same as if you were dialing a very long number.

Can I use your services for sending faxes?
Absolutely. You dial the same way as per a regular call, you only have to dial 10-10-710 then 1 or 011 and the number, and press send. Make sure that the automatic redial option is turned off when you send a long distance fax. This will save you paying for many repetitive calls if the fax machine at the other end is not properly set up.

When will I be able to use your service in my area?
Currently the 10-10-710 service is available to subscribers of residential telephone lines in

  • Alberta
  • :to all Shaw and Telus subscribers
  • British Columbia
  • :to all Shaw subscribers and most Telus subscribers
  • Manitoba
  • :to all BellMTS and Shaw subscribers
  • New Brunswick
  • :to all Bell Aliant, EastLink and Rogers subscribers
  • Nova Scotia
  • :to all Bell Aliant, EastLink and Telus subscribers
  • Ontario
  • :to all Bell Canada, Cogeco, Rogers, Shaw, Telus and Videotron subscribers
  • Prince Edward Island
  • :to all Bell Aliant and EastLink subscribers
  • Quebec
  • :to all Bell Canada, Cogeco, Telus and Vidéotron subscribers and some Telebec subscribers
  • Saskatchewan
  • :to all Shaw subscribers
    Check our website from time to time to see if we have enlarged our territory.

    If I use another long distance provider, can I use 10-10-710?
    Yes! You can use 10-10-710 no matter which long distance provider you have signed up with. As long as you are located in one of our services areas and have local telephone service provided by a company with whom we have an agreement you can use 10-10-710 to save on all of your long distance calling! Try it!

    When I am on vacation (example in France) how can I use the 10-10-710 service to call home?
    Currently our service can only originate calls from Canada. You can call anywhere in the world but not the opposite.